uPVC known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or rigid PVC. The frames are known for being highly durable, fire-resistant, and recyclable. uPVC is extensively used in construction, especially with applications such as doors and windows. This is an ideal material to manufacture windows and doors owning to the many benefits served. uPVC material is eco-friendly and helps in preserving mother nature by reducing the use of wood and timber for constructing window and doors. It is very much economical and easy to produce as compared to timber.

uPVC has many advantages over wood and other materials such it is low maintenance, noise resistant, weather resistant, cost effective, recyclable and heat resistant.

Why uPVC

  • Weather Resistant

    Weather Resistant

    With German quality material, Window Republic's uPVC products easily meet the heat transition efficiency. The high-quality windows and doors obtain optimum results through sophisticated multi-chambered technology.

  • High Acoustic

    High Acoustic

    uPVC products are manufactured with precision from strong, durable material with reliable acoustic seals. The dual-seal system used in uPVC windows and doors combined with insulating glass reduces noise by 30-40 dB.

  • Thermal Insulation

    Thermal Insulation

    It has excellent thermal insulation properties and can be equipped with special glazing which makes them highly suitable for Indian weather conditions. Well-directed thermal insulation contributes decisively to an improved living quality.

  • Customized


    The material offers freedom to shape, colour and style doors and windows with tailor-made solution that suite customer requirements.

  • Durability


    Lifespan of uPVC windows is over 50+ years, therefore, they leave a very low impact on the environment. These require very low maintenance. No painting work. No termite. No Solutions/ liquids required for applying to window for Insect-Free.

  • Eco-Friendly


    uPVC provides decisive advantages that begin with environment-friendly production through to the most advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving processes. It has a proven track record of providing essential components for a sustainable future.

  • Fire-resistant


    uPVC materials are naturally flame retardant and will not support or enhance the development of fire. uPVC windows, unlike Timber frames, do not support the combustion and are self-extinguishing.


uPVC as a material is being preferred ubiquitously due to its functional benefits. Add uPVC frames to specialized tempered and laminated glass, and you have highly secure windows and doors. Laminated security glass solutions provide a high degree of intrusion resistance.
Though the differences are unlimited but a major difference between the uPVC Windows and the ordinary wooden or aluminum windows is that the uPVC Windows are cost effective free from the routine denting and painting process which is necessary for the ordinary windows especially after certain duration of time.
uPVC Windows is a bag full of exclusive advantages and the most significant one among them is that they are corrosion resist and are ideally suited for all type of climatic conditions.
The frame and sash material is uPVC which is a non-conductor. It cuts heat. Frame and sash are multi chamere which cuts further heat. Tight gasket sealing helps in preventing through leakage between frame and shutter. Multi-locking system ensures that shutter and frame locked and sealed properly.
The typical lifetime of double glazing is around 20 years, however this can vary from 10-35 years based on quality of materials, installation and where the windows are situated.
No. Even outwardly similar windows can be different on inside. The quality of material, stability, durability, design and processing are different as profile, sealing and systems vary. Expert installation is of paramount importance as well.
No, not at all. uPVC windows are a unique blend of style and convenience. They are considered to be the simplest one which easily gets fitted in any place. But it is suggested to install these windows by a skilled professional.
uPVC uses the highest amount of titanium di-oxide; a key ingredient required to maintain the whiteness of windows under harsh UV conditions. This ensures windows do not fade over sustained exposure to sun.
Yes. They can take extreme wind pressure without being affected as they have excellent wind resistant
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